Welcome, Scholar

USA $16.95

English Ph.D. Derek Rosenblum, the hero of this comic, often shocking novel, can’t land a full-time teaching position. After too many years of marginal employment, he wonders: is Dulness, the moronic presiding deity of Alexander Pope’s great satiric Dunciad, somehow responsible for the series of misadventures that make up his life? She’s only a fiction, Derek tells himself, but he senses her presence everywhere. The authoritative figures he encounters—Lucia Luteplucker, his unhelpful adviser at Heartland U, Iron Lady Margaret Thatcher—impress him as her fleshly incarnations. They and others constantly thwart Derek, until he discovers just what the goddess wants and gives it to her. Soon he’s offered the job of his dreams, and happily tenured Full Professor Rosenblum spends thirty comfortable years boring students. Then, as Welcome, Scholar concludes, final catastrophe arrives.

Albert Drosoph’s Field Guide to Punctuation

USA $14.00

A groundbreaking, marvelously informative guide that reveals the power, history, and necessity of punctuation.
Using the trope of the marks as living creatures and weaving together style, typography, science, and dry humor, Albert Drosoph’s Field Guide to Punctuation untangles the mysteries of punctuation in a non-threatening way. Rather than wanting to shrink from encounters with these marks in anything read, or rather than perseverating about where and how to use them in anything written, readers of this book will intentionally seek out the marks and observe, with a new appreciation, what and how they are doing.


USA $17.95

San Francisco Appetites and Afterthoughts is Ernie Beyl’s second book published by Grizzly Peak Press. His first, Sketches from a North Beach Journal, traced the city’s history with profiles of larger-than-life characters who have added so much panache and excitement to the old neighborhood. San Francisco Appetites and Afterthoughts is an opinionated book by an opinionated guy. It hits the reader right between the ears..

THE SCAFFOLD: A Treason Death Penalty Trial A Novel

USA $16.50

Beginning with an outline as a young lawyer around 1960 and finally completed in prison as a tax resister 50 or so years later, J. Tony Serra has completed his first novel, THE SCAFFOLD: A Treason Death Penalty Trial Taking place historically during the Second World War in the South Pacific with U.S.P.T. Boats, Japanese zero attack planes, and on an island paradise, this court martial trial is filled with Serra's legal career experiences but is an example of life as absurdity, all aspects of life are metaphors of absurdity, thinking intellectually in the Theater of the Absurd.

The Beachcomber's Guide to Fossils in Capitola

USA $17.95

The original version of this book was a hand bound volume, which the author prepared for an 8th grade master works project for Black Pine Circle in Berkeley in 2012. As such, the book reflected the author's longtime interest in writing, marine biology, paleontology, art, and photography. (Indeed, Lorena's interest in marine biology had already been long-term by eight grade: she had learned the Hawaiian names of fish by the age of 2, had assisted with data collection on hammerhead shark feeding at 5, and had photographed her first moray eel while snorkeling at age 8). To produce the book, Lorena made numerous trips to Capitola and to the Santa Cruz Museum of Natural History, took a bookbinding class, learned the stippled ink drawing technique, and corresponded via email with Frank Perry whose book Fossil Invertebrates and Geology of the Marine Cliffs at Capitola, California was a major inspiration for this one.

Sketches from a North Beach Journal

Available September 23, 2015

San franciscans from the Gold Rush of 1849 to yesterday have had a fascination with larger-than-life characters—from heroes and heroines to scoundrels—who have added a sense of vigor and panache to the city. Many of the prominent figures in this book have lived, worked, or just hung out in North Beach. The result is a vibrant, cultural hodge-podge—a San Francisco treasure, an exciting place to live or—if you’re a visitor—to dine, shop or just stroll the streets. These sketches present some of the distinctive contributors to the laid back, laissez faire atmosphere and attitudes of the old San Francisco neighborhood.


Available September 30, 2015 | USA $18.50 | Canada $- | 266 pages

In 1933, in the pit of the Great Depression, a young, unemployed American chemical engineer decides to leave his home in California and walk to South America. A year later he fetches up in Bogota, Colombia, where he finds a job with a pharmaceutical firm, gets involved with coca and its derivatives, seduces a local girl and marries her. After attempting to sell his employer on promoting coca derivatives as proprietary drugs, he researches and eventually develops a method of combining coca with wine, as was done with Vin Mariani and other over-the-counter products of the 19th Century. Only his product is recoverable as cocaine...

The Green, Yellow and Purple Years in the Life of a Radical Lawyer

Available April 2014 | USA $15.00 | Canada $18.50 | 200 pages

A Chromatic, metaphoric autobiography of Tony Serra's defense of Black Panthers, S.L.A., New World Liberation Front, Nuestra Familia, Earth First, Hells Angels, Mafia and Native Americans, intertwined with his anti-establishment ideology: written by J. Tony Serra while in Federal Prison for tax resistance.

Night Train to Shanghai

Available | USA $15.00 | Canada $18.50 | ISBN 978-0-9839264-3-6

Night Train to Shanghai


Walking The Circle

Available now | $15.00 | 196 pages | ISBN 978-0-9839264-1-2

J. Tony Serra's Walking The Circle: Prison Chronicles is a wonder, as is the author. Not since Clarence Darrow has a trial lawyer attracted such envious attention in court. Not since Byron has there been a more poetic, passionate defender of liberty. Tony's book almost makes you want to spend time in jail.

The Sandbox

Available now | $15.00 | 136 pages | ISBN 978-0-9839264-2-9

You want a war story? Mike Liguori's The Sandbox has plenty of that, chronicling his two deployment to Iraq as a United States Marine. His writing is sharp and hard-hitting, and has that rare ability of putting the reader in the moment. Foreword by Paul Rieckhoff

San Francisco Childhood

Available now | $15.00 | 238 Pages | Pictures | ISBN 978-0-97839264-0-5

Most books about a place try to mirror it in some way, to present as realistically as possible a portrait or photographic study of a locale or era. San Francisco Childhood, is different: a city viewed through a prism, a great equalizer of a world as seen by children.


Available now | $15.00 | 238 pages | Pictures | ISBN 978-0-615-36555-8

The story of Canyon, California is the story of one small community and its efforts to exist in the midst of urban sprawl. It is a spot of near-wilderness and deliberate inaccessibility - a short distance from San Francisco in the hills beyond Berkeley. Canyon's residents are unconventional and of varied ages and backgrounds.